I Caught A YOUTUBER Living In My Minecraft House!

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game created and designed by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later fully developed and published by Mojang. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft enable players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world
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  1. Caroline Herrington

    Caroline Herrington4 days ago

    Destroy the entire base so then they think it's not there and they go about everywhere looking for their secret space and subscribe to kindly keyin!!!

  2. naufal dziibaan

    naufal dziibaan5 days ago

    Hey did you play Baldi.exe REMASTERED

  3. Lily Chen

    Lily Chen6 days ago

    Some one brack in your base

  4. Colby Means

    Colby Means6 days ago

    Me wasting my time watching a video made 3 yrs ago ;-;

  5. IAmDead

    IAmDead10 days ago

    Use gravel or burn it down

  6. Dilmaya Tamang

    Dilmaya Tamang11 days ago


  7. Adrian Gale

    Adrian Gale11 days ago

    They're called fhantoms

  8. Lhen Quindiagan

    Lhen Quindiagan16 days ago

    Put thier base in evrydoor portals

  9. Lhen Quindiagan

    Lhen Quindiagan16 days ago

    Thats a phantom

  10. Stefania Demczak

    Stefania Demczak16 days ago

    Kindly kien Komodo in spy made an attic in your house and living in it

  11. TheJacksonKid -

    TheJacksonKid -18 days ago

    Pls pls pls can u play Granny Smith again 🥺

  12. Payal P Prabhu

    Payal P Prabhu18 days ago

    That monster dragon thing is called a Phantom, Just letting you know keyin 😅

  13. Raj Kumar Singh

    Raj Kumar Singh18 days ago

    that was a fantom not a dragon

  14. Souless

    Souless18 days ago

    Your channel is the best

  15. Caray

    Caray19 days ago

    The Ender Dragon

  16. UjwalNiroula

    UjwalNiroula19 days ago


  17. gaming bro henry

    gaming bro henry19 days ago

    I'm done

  18. superjose 35

    superjose 3520 days ago

    Bandi IN your house

  19. Natishia Mootoo

    Natishia Mootoo20 days ago

    It is a phantom that is the flying dragon

  20. Dare Angel Sisters

    Dare Angel Sisters20 days ago

    hey Keyin please pray that my cat comes back. He's been gone for 3 weeks and 1 day. Last night it rained really hard and there was tons of lightning. I really miss him.

  21. random guy

    random guy13 days ago

    I hope u get ur cat back!

  22. Sowjanya Jonnala

    Sowjanya Jonnala20 days ago

    for Keyin and frustated blow up their base and the put a note saying we found your base and it is smelly and like poo

  23. Matthew Skipwith

    Matthew Skipwith20 days ago

    Keyin base should be the frustrated and keyin HQ

  24. Matthew Skipwith

    Matthew Skipwith20 days ago

    Those dragons are called phantoms

  25. shira nisanov

    shira nisanov21 day ago

    imagine only having 3 mil subs

  26. shira nisanov

    shira nisanov21 day ago

    yeah thars sad

  27. Taiwo Olatunji

    Taiwo Olatunji21 day ago

    I used star code keyin

  28. Avinash Singh

    Avinash Singh21 day ago

    Can firnd me my minecraft name-boss the game21 and my firnd adorble . Fun fact

  29. MLK Creations

    MLK Creations21 day ago

    I know an idea for a prank go to mr cuby minecraft he has a whole bunch o trap

  30. ꧁ᴀɴɴᴀʟɪᴢᴀ ʟᴏǫᴜɪᴀs꧂

    ꧁ᴀɴɴᴀʟɪᴢᴀ ʟᴏǫᴜɪᴀs꧂21 day ago

    Nice shaders


    JOVANI LERMA21 day ago

    hi minam is jovani

  32. Ian G

    Ian G21 day ago


  33. Chaennie Warrior

    Chaennie Warrior21 day ago

    Maybe you should probably do a cool prank like secret attack

  34. Chaennie Warrior

    Chaennie Warrior21 day ago

    Then trap them in obsidian if you have a diamond pickaxe

  35. joshua gaming

    joshua gaming21 day ago

    can you pls play bedrock edititon and lets multiplayer

  36. Jozsef Cabuyadao

    Jozsef Cabuyadao21 day ago

    To late lol

  37. Nikos Christodoulias

    Nikos Christodoulias21 day ago

    I’m making a video

  38. Houssien Kashmar

    Houssien Kashmar21 day ago

    Blowe up ther haws with tnt

  39. Shanita Moore

    Shanita Moore22 days ago

    You know you can sprint by pressing the run button twice

  40. Daisy Philip

    Daisy Philip22 days ago

    Get chicken

  41. Marie Marie

    Marie Marie22 days ago

    i dont can buy a charlie sad but i wanna wish i got one

  42. Ashleen Pereira

    Ashleen Pereira22 days ago

    How did he make the video 1 day ago if the SMP started 2 weeks ago

  43. Ashleen Pereira

    Ashleen Pereira22 days ago


  44. Ashleen Pereira

    Ashleen Pereira22 days ago

    The frustratet

  45. Ashleen Pereira

    Ashleen Pereira22 days ago

    I know who was in your home

  46. Neha Enam1

    Neha Enam122 days ago

    They have a gave bese

  47. Difficulrt

    Difficulrt22 days ago

    Noooooo not the plushie and merch

  48. Suyog Bajracharya

    Suyog Bajracharya22 days ago


  49. lanky moon

    lanky moon22 days ago

    Brandon have a secret house up in the sky

  50. MJHeros

    MJHeros22 days ago

    Kindly Keyin is learning

  51. MJHeros

    MJHeros22 days ago

    The giant flying things are phantoms

  52. Thillai Arjun

    Thillai Arjun22 days ago

    Please play this as a series and play more in this server it will be fun

  53. Matthew Skipwith

    Matthew Skipwith22 days ago

    Go into creative and block the base with bedrock or obsidien

  54. zephiMembreno

    zephiMembreno22 days ago

    Those dragon flying things are phantoms

  55. Shivesh Suman

    Shivesh Suman22 days ago

    Spycakes:it's going to be fine Me:WHO KNOWS?? Kindly keyin:I know noing at all XD

  56. Kellan Mooney

    Kellan Mooney22 days ago

    You can steel there stuff or you can hide in there houm!

  57. Shoismoil Shoabbosov

    Shoismoil Shoabbosov22 days ago

    Sorry I am 1 day late but there is a keep inventory mode


    YUN MEI LIN22 days ago

    The dragon thing is called a phantom and it comes out when you don’t sleep for a long time

  59. XxAᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ_ _GᴡᴇɴxX

    XxAᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ_ _GᴡᴇɴxX19 days ago

    lol i was gonna say that until i saw this XD also correct

  60. Leeroy DeBusk

    Leeroy DeBusk23 days ago

    Idea to troll them:replace there house with tnt

  61. Mursalin Sonia

    Mursalin Sonia23 days ago

    Wool will make a bed

  62. Mursalin Sonia

    Mursalin Sonia23 days ago


  63. Stylish Interiors

    Stylish Interiors23 days ago

    pot t in homes in a tree make car on to

  64. Sad sadow

    Sad sadow23 days ago

    can you tell ip plzzzzzzzz

  65. EGGZ

    EGGZ23 days ago

    A good prank could be that you could put a lever in the house and make it connected to a piston that sets lava into the house THEN get obsidian to trap them in Hit that button if you think this is a great idea 👇

  66. LDP Adventures

    LDP Adventures23 days ago

    can you pls make a vid with DHAR MANN

  67. Fun time playhouse

    Fun time playhouse23 days ago

    kindly keyin how old is seth?

  68. gaming with JJ

    gaming with JJ23 days ago

    hi keyin if you see this i wish i could buy it but i cant buy the spider and shirt and jacket i don't have enough but i will try i promise!

  69. David gaming

    David gaming23 days ago

    How do we use starcode keyin

  70. Braedan Brickworks

    Braedan Brickworks23 days ago

    Hey kindly keyin you should try Dadish for Mobil Monday

  71. XtremeLapras YT

    XtremeLapras YT23 days ago

    I like it when 2 people made a secret base in your roof. (Go to 2:14)

  72. Peter Goodge

    Peter Goodge10 days ago

    Have to wait until after my first week 😪

  73. Mr. Pathak Music

    Mr. Pathak Music23 days ago

    i ordered the Gamer Charlie plush and the T-Shirt and Hoodie

  74. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith23 days ago

    i just know keyin must work for those palans alot of them

  75. Amir Salem

    Amir Salem23 days ago

    i wish i can play with you keyin

  76. Faith Podila

    Faith Podila23 days ago

    I watched The frustrated gamer’s channel and he found Your secret base

  77. Joel HOWLEY

    Joel HOWLEY23 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😭 please please

  78. Joel HOWLEY

    Joel HOWLEY23 days ago

    Please play toca Boca monsters on ipad free please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  79. Aleksa Glavaski

    Aleksa Glavaski23 days ago

    Plzz do broken bones 😢😢😢

  80. Alvaro Romero

    Alvaro Romero23 days ago

    The dragons calles a phantom

  81. Raasha Rose

    Raasha Rose23 days ago

    Do baldi games minecraft...?

  82. PKDP gamers bosses

    PKDP gamers bosses23 days ago

    info: its not a dragon its a phantom and they fly and attack you but it won't make any fire

  83. Scp_Guard

    Scp_Guard23 days ago

    Next video: Brandon Put a TNT on my SECRET BASE

  84. 2 Sisters in Dubai

    2 Sisters in Dubai23 days ago

    I am your big fan

  85. My Life

    My Life23 days ago


  86. Donovan Dillon

    Donovan Dillon23 days ago

    You like mobile games, right? Maybe one day, you should try playing “Disney Heroes: Battle Mode”.

  87. Prabin Km

    Prabin Km23 days ago

    shop name

  88. Kristy Broad

    Kristy Broad23 days ago

    *”CAnt yOu SeE I’m DOinG A ViDEo”* *This is my version of saying it*

  89. adam hallo

    adam hallo23 days ago

    Their phantoms for the bigilion time I say this a lot

  90. Fahad Jehanzeb

    Fahad Jehanzeb23 days ago

    i ordered the spider

  91. irram afreen

    irram afreen23 days ago

    did you know that the frustrated gamer has a house above the clouds hhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  92. Mahsa Abbassi

    Mahsa Abbassi23 days ago

    Keyin:that is our secret Me:well now a thousand people know

  93. Sharkbate

    Sharkbate23 days ago

    hey kindly keyin my birthday is on June 15 so can you please allow me to buy the gamer Charlie plush sometime in June but before June 15th!!

  94. jpp sucalip

    jpp sucalip23 days ago

    Brandon know your secret base keyin

  95. M. Rezaul Karim

    M. Rezaul Karim23 days ago

    I cannot pre order the gamer Charlie plushie it's really sad that it's gonna end

  96. Tracy Schoemer

    Tracy Schoemer23 days ago

    What all do you Minecraft

  97. PowerAlvin

    PowerAlvin23 days ago

    i wish i could join also i've subbed on a different acc since u had 3k lol

  98. beautiful flowers

    beautiful flowers23 days ago

    Good viewing and happy wednesday ❤

  99. beautiful flowers

    beautiful flowers23 days ago


  100. ilikesocks2010 YT

    ilikesocks2010 YT23 days ago

    is baldi now a youtuber

  101. Dr. Md. Zulfeqar Haider

    Dr. Md. Zulfeqar Haider23 days ago


  102. Dr. Md. Zulfeqar Haider

    Dr. Md. Zulfeqar Haider23 days ago

    Brandon : something put a house Me : oops sorry U : very big wow Brandon : ok Eirs lors : use hacks or get hacked Me : shoo shoo Comodo : meh * turns on vpn * Brandon : COMODO!

  103. Ridith Yadav

    Ridith Yadav23 days ago

    It's o.b

  104. Απόστολος Μακρής

    Απόστολος Μακρής23 days ago

    7:52 you should build a basement under their house and put a billion empty chests in there

  105. dodee adesma

    dodee adesma23 days ago

    not their house but...bait house/fake house,if you dont beleive me go watch spy and camodos video

  106. Elijah Bursell

    Elijah Bursell23 days ago

    come back at them by making a pit of quicksand tht has loads of witches in it