KRAKEN PIGGY... (Piggy Book 2 Chapter 7!)

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  1. Roman Carreon

    Roman Carreon2 hours ago

    The guy who's got a anchor is Dakota pls like my comment

  2. rohana ahmad

    rohana ahmad11 hours ago

    You have to play chapter 6 factory to get savior if you get it move to chapter 7 and mimi will be there you didnt play chapter 6 mimi will might be not there you took the survivor path mimi stayed with giraffy at the factory with the TSP members with the savior mimi will say “Maybe we can light the lighthouse” and mimi in the end cutscene say about Doveport across the sea.

  3. Elle Bumarlong

    Elle Bumarlong13 hours ago

    Dakoda is a dolphin because his name starts with D for dolphin

  4. Not Fish YT 2

    Not Fish YT 214 hours ago

    I haven't watch you in a long time

  5. gaurav kapoor

    gaurav kapoor2 days ago

    There is an easter egg in this map

  6. EpicMango Games

    EpicMango Games3 days ago

    hi im a big fan

  7. TheOreoGamer

    TheOreoGamer4 days ago

    Yea i did to make my alt piggy so I can get ending too

  8. CharrLLynx

    CharrLLynx4 days ago

    You missed 2 chapters

  9. Benny Bomb

    Benny Bomb5 days ago

    Nope he’s a dolphin

  10. Super Jowell

    Super Jowell5 days ago

    Dakota is actually a dolphin and not a shark

  11. Stiliua Macmasterg

    Stiliua Macmasterg5 days ago

    Thank anybody realise this but there is something right next to someone then it’s probably your newborn baby because I can see your head?

  12. Aiden Like Nuggets

    Aiden Like Nuggets5 days ago

    Tip: The bots no longer come after you, They look around the map for you, and then chase you.

  13. Christopher Williams

    Christopher Williams5 days ago

    You gonna get the bad ending you don’t get Mimi

  14. Yu Jin Sung

    Yu Jin Sung6 days ago

    He is a dolphin not a shark

  15. Thomas Mauldin

    Thomas Mauldin6 days ago

    Hi there you're the best USlikesr even there's another USlikesr I also watch name SML

  16. Thomas Mauldin

    Thomas Mauldin6 days ago

    Oh hi welcome to my schoolhouse

  17. Thomas Mauldin

    Thomas Mauldin6 days ago

    I program I

  18. Thomas Mauldin

    Thomas Mauldin6 days ago

    Piggy book 2 chapter 8 is going to be the next one

  19. Axel Ickx

    Axel Ickx7 days ago


  20. Aarush kulkarni

    Aarush kulkarni7 days ago

    Brah dakota is a dolphin

  21. parker I could shealy

    parker I could shealy8 days ago

    He has a Tail or a shark tail

  22. Gaming Gonzalez

    Gaming Gonzalez9 days ago

    the thing you said was a easter egg is a eye of stitchy which if you dont know actually kind of i dont know just search it up

  23. steven richardson

    steven richardson9 days ago

    I meant to say Kian

  24. steven richardson

    steven richardson9 days ago

    Ken don't forget to click every single eye because there's a secret that will creepily follow you literally it's like so incredibly cool it looks similar to Mr stitchy but without a head and legs

  25. Jadow_Simpz

    Jadow_Simpz10 days ago

    at first I thought DefinentlyPiggy was a bot but it was actually an alt.

  26. KEVIN XU

    KEVIN XU10 days ago

    doid you see thr glow on korcoli skin?

  27. Nintendo Gamer

    Nintendo Gamer10 days ago

    Fun Fact: the kraken piggy has the same walking animation as spider piggy

  28. Mariam Mehran

    Mariam Mehran10 days ago

    Was your son behind you on his little sleeping chair even though he's funny

  29. Gustavocool Albarran

    Gustavocool Albarran10 days ago

    That is for a pawer up.

  30. Makaila Tallant

    Makaila Tallant10 days ago

    Did any of you hear keyin bout to say a curse word sorry keyin I love ur vids but no offense to you

  31. chippies23

    chippies2310 days ago

    he said he did not see the green key but at the start it was at the lithouse

  32. Jay and Courtney Nelson

    Jay and Courtney Nelson11 days ago

    It’s a grappling hook

  33. Zak Khan

    Zak Khan11 days ago

    Crew crewmate chapter 8 is among us

  34. Awesome Gameplay Part 2

    Awesome Gameplay Part 211 days ago

    Keyin play the game in mobile draw bricks


    TWINSRANDOM11 days ago

    I havent watched you in a while.

  36. Brute door in the woods

    Brute door in the woods11 days ago

    15:41 hate to tell you this umm keyin but dakoda is a dolphin :(

  37. Brute door in the woods

    Brute door in the woods11 days ago

    if u had 14:59 Mimi she will do it

  38. Darwisy Zone - My Lost World

    Darwisy Zone - My Lost World12 days ago

    to use the ablity you need to save 6 generate or charge and then click the spedd ablity

  39. Saban Sabangan

    Saban Sabangan12 days ago

    KindlyKeyin, the eye is for a secret skin called the insolence

  40. Fadlan Al-amsi

    Fadlan Al-amsi12 days ago

    Why no ch 5 and 6???


    LION HEART12 days ago

    I wish I could play chapter 7 but it keeps crashing my tablet.

  42. Lily Chen

    Lily Chen12 days ago

    Love your channel !

  43. Funny banana

    Funny banana12 days ago

    When I saw this I thought it said Karen

  44. T.J Henderson

    T.J Henderson12 days ago

    What does items mean

  45. Beans

    Beans12 days ago

    Man dakoda is a Dolphin

  46. Jayleen Phipps

    Jayleen Phipps12 days ago

    The diver's name is dakoda

  47. My Life

    My Life13 days ago

    Sorry I'm late to the vid, my internet's been down the entire week!

  48. Hyperdragon

    Hyperdragon13 days ago

    brooo dakoda is not a shark hes name starts in a D that means dolpin

  49. Mr stitchy

    Mr stitchy13 days ago

    They're five insulin's eyes hitting around the map when you click on them they disappear once you get all five of them the brown door you can click on and it spawns something that can kill you

  50. siddarth.k K

    siddarth.k K13 days ago


  51. splended zondro

    splended zondro13 days ago

    2:30 did the box?

  52. Raishin Li

    Raishin Li13 days ago

    Did you even pick my guy

  53. Raishin Li

    Raishin Li13 days ago

    The start you said it was a bot my guy

  54. sopheak leng

    sopheak leng13 days ago

    He was also at the White House

  55. sopheak leng

    sopheak leng13 days ago

    That is actually dolphin because there was affected person on top of the lighthouse and it’s a new character and it’s friends got affected because a zombie affected one affected dumb

  56. William Carico

    William Carico13 days ago

    It is not a shark it is a dolphin just letting you know Keyin i love you and your channel.

  57. edgaming eric

    edgaming eric13 days ago

    Keyin those eyes that u touch is the eyes of insolence if u find all 5 eyes of insolence then go to the building next to the blue building open the door then a creature will pop out and if u shoot it with a gun it was freeze forever so u can take a look at it and the eyes and the monster and the grey notes are something to do with mr stitchy!

  58. jesi huang

    jesi huang13 days ago

    Kindly keyin doesn’t know the story line the rest of book 2

  59. Patrick Mcauliffe

    Patrick Mcauliffe14 days ago

    yay I piggy video aaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  60. william Willow

    william Willow14 days ago


  61. Chaden Walke

    Chaden Walke14 days ago

    I’m so glad you’re back to piggy! You should play chapter 5 or 6!

  62. Livia Sutedja

    Livia Sutedja14 days ago

    You can click on eyes in this map

  63. Hezekiah Yanez

    Hezekiah Yanez14 days ago

    Eye of insolence

  64. Steven Quinton Wijaya

    Steven Quinton Wijaya14 days ago

    Keyin missed 3 chapters it is the safe place,sewers,and Factory

  65. Steven Quinton Wijaya

    Steven Quinton Wijaya10 days ago

    Wait did keyin play the safe place

  66. Offer Cohen

    Offer Cohen12 days ago


  67. Minerva Perez

    Minerva Perez14 days ago

    Ya piggy

  68. Janie Spires

    Janie Spires14 days ago

    I started with 5000 piggy coins

  69. Fatima Ramali

    Fatima Ramali15 days ago

    cracen piggy move like spider piggy

  70. Liam Landles

    Liam Landles15 days ago

    Kindly Keyin: I don’t think we’ve seen a green lock. Me: it’s the lighthouse🤣😂

  71. Gabriella Guzman

    Gabriella Guzman15 days ago

    Anyone one else thought that it said Karen piggy lol

  72. Rebecca Delves

    Rebecca Delves15 days ago

    Can anyone see Seth in the background

  73. legendary gaming

    legendary gaming15 days ago

    Ayo keyin please kep up doing videos it's funny and good it makes me happy have good luck with life and god bless you.


    ELIAS MARROQUIN15 days ago

    The building that wasn’t open knock on it four or five times


    ELIAS MARROQUIN15 days ago

    I like your videos


    ELIAS MARROQUIN15 days ago

    I like your videos but the building the building that was an open not gonna knock on it for or five times

  77. Monet Lee

    Monet Lee15 days ago

    Hey just to let you know Dakota is a 🐬

  78. Thereal Kraxicore Foxy YT

    Thereal Kraxicore Foxy YT15 days ago

    Omg i watched you since2020 im sorry i didnt watch you in long time i missed you

  79. 5A- Divyanshi Jain

    5A- Divyanshi Jain15 days ago

    the diver is actually a dolphin

  80. AbhishekTennis3

    AbhishekTennis315 days ago

    Can you please play Chapter 6 Chapter 5 please please pretty pretty please just do it bye-bye bye-bye

  81. cedron thebest

    cedron thebest15 days ago

    Notice he din't play chapter 5 6

  82. Seon Chand

    Seon Chand15 days ago

    It does look creepy

  83. Arpita Thaker

    Arpita Thaker15 days ago

    Do you know that the kraxicorde skin glow too!!

  84. Willow Plays

    Willow Plays15 days ago

    The is another ending but you need to get the saivor ending

  85. Willow Plays

    Willow Plays15 days ago

    it’s the insolence

  86. Juka TS

    Juka TS15 days ago


  87. cheesydog2319

    cheesydog231915 days ago

    1:42 are you sure about that

  88. Johnathan Pizzurro

    Johnathan Pizzurro15 days ago

    I love your channel so freaking much I just want to see you

  89. Johnathan Pizzurro

    Johnathan Pizzurro15 days ago

    I Love your channel so freaking bad

  90. Eduardo Encinas

    Eduardo Encinas15 days ago

    Speaking of spider piggy, I tried finding the video and I couldn't find it. Can you please reupload it? It was one of my favorites!

  91. immanuel thomas

    immanuel thomas15 days ago

    Hey keyin or should I say mr. keyin I also have a piggy privet server

  92. Giovanni The Flare Phoenix

    Giovanni The Flare Phoenix15 days ago

    With the bot putting down traps. Yeah they did that since book 2 chapter 5.

  93. D. Brian Johnston

    D. Brian Johnston15 days ago

    Hi I love your videos! 😆😁

  94. Jordan B

    Jordan B15 days ago

    Awesome videos

  95. Hezekiah Yanez

    Hezekiah Yanez15 days ago

    Mr. stitch he

  96. Rudie Becker

    Rudie Becker15 days ago

    the new buttens are aesome

  97. AA - 03EJ 951192 Chris Hadfield PS

    AA - 03EJ 951192 Chris Hadfield PS15 days ago

    Keyin when ch4 came out:ok i escaped keying when ch7 came out:WTH I MISSED 2 CHAPTERS

  98. Leo

    Leo15 days ago

    Dakoda is a dolphin

  99. AU - 01GA 930048 Claireville PS

    AU - 01GA 930048 Claireville PS15 days ago

    when u clicked that thing that was black and orange I think it is something to the little black monster skin that I think is called friends which is mr. stichy. mr stichy is the little black monster because the friends skin is like the same body as mr. stichy but also the black and orange thing that u clicked it is mr. stichy's eye and if u just put the mask of mr. stichy on the friends skin it will be mr. stichy but mr. stichy will not be holding his wepon if u put the mask on and also sorry if I am not spelling correctlly

  100. AU - 01GA 930048 Claireville PS

    AU - 01GA 930048 Claireville PS15 days ago

    also if u knock on one of the doors that u can not unlock knock on one of them then u will see a little bit of the friends skin

  101. Martin Reg

    Martin Reg16 days ago

    You could escape that corner without getting trapped.

  102. latino8585

    latino858516 days ago

    U can equip 3 traps as piggy and get those blue long rectangles in one map but u have to play the map a lot AND u can equip 3 power ups and carnival changed

  103. latino8585

    latino858516 days ago

    U don’t have Bess skin or bloxy skin :(