I Opened 1,000 YOUTUBER LUCKY BLOCKS In Minecraft!

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Minecraft Gameplay Details:
Minecraft is a sandbox video game created and designed by Swedish game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, and later fully developed and published by Mojang. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft enable players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world
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  1. Ivan

    Ivan20 hours ago

    Huh ok

  2. You will never Know my name

    You will never Know my name2 days ago

    I dare you to make a town out of all the mobs you done

  3. Maszuin Ramli

    Maszuin Ramli3 days ago


  4. Maszuin Ramli

    Maszuin Ramli3 days ago

    Do preston lucky block ssundee dream amphau

  5. R i x i i

    R i x i i3 days ago

    Pepole say if u say the creators name thre times they will pin you Kindly Keyin Kindly Keyin Kindly keyin (its not gonna work lol)

  6. Thomas Billings Everything

    Thomas Billings Everything5 days ago

    I love crwiner

  7. Osmar Nuñez

    Osmar Nuñez5 days ago

    Do a part 2 like Slogoman or Mrcrinar and kwebbelkop and every USlikesr

  8. Stuart Young

    Stuart Young6 days ago


  9. Stuart Young

    Stuart Young6 days ago


  10. noah oatis

    noah oatis6 days ago

    Play 1.16 minecraft

  11. Md. Mamanur Rashid Raju

    Md. Mamanur Rashid Raju7 days ago

    7:03 oooooooh (then the village exploded)

  12. ποπη νακη

    ποπη νακη8 days ago

    Aphmau is the best USlikesr

  13. BOROTO

    BOROTO9 days ago


  14. Callum Agnew

    Callum Agnew12 days ago

    you should play hyrule warriors age of calamity ( I got that when you said i have the master sword im link)

  15. Artur Bini

    Artur Bini12 days ago

    I love APHMALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Gerardo Leon

    Gerardo Leon12 days ago

    When you said sand Village I thought the Hidden sand village from naruto 😂😂

  17. Spider

    Spider17 days ago

    3:31 look how many subsribers he has

  18. lightning ninja

    lightning ninja18 days ago

    Lol I was here for 1 minute and 7 mil likes Lol

  19. steve osman

    steve osman19 days ago


  20. Timwize

    Timwize20 days ago

    I love how exploding tnt is just chillin up in the front and more exploding

  21. Timwize

    Timwize20 days ago

    I saw explodingtnt at the end

  22. Jordan Flores

    Jordan Flores20 days ago

    Can you make a feeding girl fish for an hour video I am not an hour for like 30 minutes like you did before I think

  23. Kodi Sayers

    Kodi Sayers20 days ago

    hi im on my moms acont and my name is marley most of those youtubers

  24. Sebastian's Playground

    Sebastian's Playground21 day ago


  25. Sebastian's Playground

    Sebastian's Playground21 day ago

    VectorPlays, TroomTroom

  26. Sebastian's Playground

    Sebastian's Playground21 day ago

    Kiera, me Sebastian's Playground

  27. Sebastian's Playground

    Sebastian's Playground21 day ago

    Jelly, Crainer Briana, Preston, Kindly Keyin, Slogoman, Mr. Beast, Caylus, DanTdm, Infintite, BRIGHT SIDE, Dino and Aphmau.


    SHADOW OF STEAL20 days ago


  29. Sonhee Lee

    Sonhee Lee21 day ago

    Why dont u sit in yo chair

  30. Lewis Perdue

    Lewis Perdue21 day ago

    Hi I'm kaiden

  31. DjDom

    DjDom22 days ago

    More Roblox, please.

  32. Matthew Garcia

    Matthew Garcia23 days ago

    yt is youtube kids

  33. Ioanna Latsoudi

    Ioanna Latsoudi23 days ago

    I 56r4r7udr Rt7ttte

  34. Skeleton man

    Skeleton man23 days ago

    Me seeing logdotzip spelled wrong: *T R I G G E R E D*

  35. Myla-AsHy Lucky Wolf

    Myla-AsHy Lucky Wolf23 days ago

    Me: APHMAU? What are you doing in this vid??

  36. aliciuke alish

    aliciuke alish24 days ago

    In the start i was like DOGGIES 😂

  37. Magdalyn's Nature Fairy Houses

    Magdalyn's Nature Fairy Houses24 days ago

    You know what.. KEYIN NEEDS A DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON anyone else think | | |

  38. Rita Sarkar

    Rita Sarkar25 days ago

    USlikes. LUCKY. BLOCK

  39. Sonia Portillo

    Sonia Portillo25 days ago


  40. Tracy Beyrouthy

    Tracy Beyrouthy25 days ago

    Wait the mister crainer lucky blocks have his old skin and name now he is just crainer

  41. HungTheCryingTurtleZ #1

    HungTheCryingTurtleZ #125 days ago

    Did anyone notice Keyin wearing a Good Mythical Morning (GMM) t-shirt?

  42. Danny O DTM

    Danny O DTM23 days ago

    I did

  43. HungTheCryingTurtleZ #1

    HungTheCryingTurtleZ #125 days ago

    2:20 *Keyin was slain by DanTDM* I never thought I’d wake up to something so funny.

  44. EGGZ

    EGGZ23 days ago

    I love dan

  45. Raniasaad Rania

    Raniasaad Rania25 days ago


  46. -•Marco Ģ Geez•-

    -•Marco Ģ Geez•-25 days ago


  47. Mahad Adan

    Mahad Adan25 days ago

    I'm joked too

  48. Joy Pilgrim

    Joy Pilgrim25 days ago

    I purchased a Charlie gaming spider

  49. Power8 Fitness

    Power8 Fitness25 days ago


  50. Alex Newton

    Alex Newton26 days ago

    Call sand Taybu

  51. Fellman

    Fellman26 days ago

    The TNT in the sand village was actually not from the lucky block

  52. john rassel molvizar

    john rassel molvizar26 days ago

    i Know You Are Not Siting

  53. cookie

    cookie26 days ago

    Hi kid

  54. Insane Reactions

    Insane Reactions26 days ago

    i got here faster than 5-ms

  55. FH Jordan

    FH Jordan26 days ago



    VALMIR HADERAJ26 days ago

    gg llc

  57. Angry birds Collecter

    Angry birds Collecter26 days ago


  58. Bakalu supreme gaming

    Bakalu supreme gaming26 days ago

    7:31 the temple is natural to have tnt

  59. Amiee Kizior

    Amiee Kizior26 days ago

    the game beaver

  60. Brennen mogg

    Brennen mogg27 days ago

    You must dream you hoowbow

  61. zombie paul

    zombie paul27 days ago


  62. shaneg5804

    shaneg580427 days ago

    Logdotzip I watch him!!!!

  63. Rasya Elang

    Rasya Elang27 days ago

    Do you know jelly or not not throwing Minecraft Captain is so I can in Minecraft every single time and among Us too so beautiful oh I don't know will happen 😡😡😡OK you got it

  64. Sanjeev K Sharma

    Sanjeev K Sharma27 days ago

    Call fusaeter gmaer

  65. jame plays

    jame plays27 days ago

    I love dantdm

  66. M Magbanua

    M Magbanua27 days ago

    Do you know jelly or slogo or preston?

  67. Nicholas Garner

    Nicholas Garner27 days ago

    The start: *opens supergirlygamer lucky block* Me: remembers the first and best youtubers I've seen *cries of nostalgia*

  68. Evelyn Plandez

    Evelyn Plandez26 days ago

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  69. TayloredGaming

    TayloredGaming27 days ago

    Mango on he said diamond lay butt

  70. Melody Joy Dy

    Melody Joy Dy27 days ago

    preston playz good kk very bad

  71. Drem Not Dream

    Drem Not Dream27 days ago

    I feel disappointed, the thumbnail of the video.

  72. Hands Your Friendly omegle hand

    Hands Your Friendly omegle hand27 days ago

    Keyin: YOU GAVE ME A DIAMOND BLOCK! That's very generous thank you! Me:Awh! I wanted Netherite!

  73. Nathaniel Polaris

    Nathaniel Polaris27 days ago

    Find mine

  74. Owen Wharton

    Owen Wharton27 days ago

    7:36 no desert temple.

  75. alie5 quimba

    alie5 quimba27 days ago

    is there brandon

  76. Angus Haggart

    Angus Haggart27 days ago

    i am a youtuber

  77. Swordi the sword

    Swordi the sword28 days ago

    The biggest minecraft disaster in history, and it all started with Keyin installing this mod.

  78. Nafis .H

    Nafis .H28 days ago

    Bro he didn't use jelly lucky bolck

  79. Nafis .H

    Nafis .H28 days ago

    IM SUCH A BIG FAN OF JELY?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. padmavathi vadde

    padmavathi vadde28 days ago

    keyin please Google Everyone

  81. arjay palines

    arjay palines28 days ago

    Kidly keyin you know aphmau? I know Him every day

  82. Annmarie Poxon

    Annmarie Poxon28 days ago

    I love log dot zip

  83. Yellow

    Yellow28 days ago


  84. Yellow

    Yellow28 days ago

    jen lukey block

  85. Carl Jensen Palmario

    Carl Jensen Palmario28 days ago

    0:07 hmmmm heeeeheeehehhe hmmm hehehehe

  86. zhixuan tan

    zhixuan tan28 days ago


  87. Bolortuya Purevsuren

    Bolortuya Purevsuren28 days ago

    MrCrainer is friends to Slogo And Jelly

  88. Bolortuya Purevsuren

    Bolortuya Purevsuren28 days ago

    I know MrCrainer

  89. Deanna Brown

    Deanna Brown28 days ago


  90. Bj Kline

    Bj Kline28 days ago





  92. Irish Celiz

    Irish Celiz28 days ago

    Where is jelly luckyblock

  93. JB Shorts

    JB Shorts28 days ago

    The tnt on the ground was from a desert temple

  94. Skoopy

    Skoopy28 days ago

    These ytbers are from like 7 yrs ago!!!!!

  95. Gina Mckenzie

    Gina Mckenzie28 days ago

    To: keyin I LOVE you!

  96. Trisha Bennett

    Trisha Bennett28 days ago

    Why were so many of them from the old little shows

  97. Leo Man

    Leo Man28 days ago

    FG TV

  98. Andria Malasidze

    Andria Malasidze28 days ago

    Eh popularmoos made mine childhood the good old days🙁😣

  99. FineHoldenTheGamer

    FineHoldenTheGamer28 days ago


  100. Darren Wild-Longmore

    Darren Wild-Longmore29 days ago


  101. Annie Bobby 9

    Annie Bobby 929 days ago

    the little club lucky blocks yey i love the little club

  102. msubashini shini

    msubashini shini29 days ago

    Keyin: I have alot of play buttons Also Keyin:*Wear's Preston's merch.

  103. Jayden Bustos

    Jayden Bustos29 days ago


  104. Ivy Jenkins

    Ivy Jenkins29 days ago

    Wait a minute is that a aphmau lucky block