Somebody Added REDBALL Into ROBLOX!

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Roblox (stylized as RŌBLOX) is a massively multiplayer online game developed and published by Roblox Corporation. In the game, players are able to create their own virtual world and design their own games. Games on Roblox can be scripted using a sandboxed edition of Lua to affect events that occur in-game and create different scenarios. The company's main source of revenue comes from players buying Robux, the main virtual currency in the game, and from players buying "Builders Club" access, a status which gives virtual benefits to users.
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  1. Kindly Keyin

    Kindly Keyin23 days ago

    This is it! The last day to preorder Gamer Charlie and the Lofi collection! Don’t miss out!

  2. Naila Ali

    Naila Ali6 days ago

    @Amanda haha! No i will never be friends with baldi playtime

  3. Naila Ali

    Naila Ali6 days ago

    Oh k

  4. Naila Ali

    Naila Ali6 days ago

    @Amanda Same

  5. Amanda

    Amanda6 days ago

    I love you

  6. Amanda

    Amanda6 days ago

    @Naila Ali there I sub even if you don't have any video now l go

  7. Angarag Bayartuya

    Angarag Bayartuya8 hours ago

    you can also use space to jump LOL

  8. Line Kindholm

    Line Kindholm3 days ago

    Make a final fantasy 7 remake pls series

  9. Line Kindholm

    Line Kindholm3 days ago

    Thanks for likes.🙂

  10. Joyce Monding - Yabres

    Joyce Monding - Yabres4 days ago

    What the what

  11. Rebecca Clements

    Rebecca Clements6 days ago

    KK yay

  12. Dairel Hombrebueno

    Dairel Hombrebueno8 days ago


  13. Steve Rush

    Steve Rush8 days ago


  14. Rhen Go

    Rhen Go12 days ago

    0:36 Red Ball 4 Two: The Truth Behind Everything

  15. Nicholas Longale

    Nicholas Longale12 days ago

    i love red ball 4

  16. Jennifer Benton

    Jennifer Benton13 days ago


  17. gay lord

    gay lord13 days ago

    Im not making you do this but can you please play adopt me again please it was one of my favourite videos 🐰

  18. Jeff Turner

    Jeff Turner13 days ago

    I love this video!!

  19. Sue Prentice

    Sue Prentice14 days ago



    SUBEDHA A15 days ago

    pro gamer

  21. Shauna Hood

    Shauna Hood15 days ago


  22. Zy Brinson

    Zy Brinson16 days ago

    Ninja you

  23. Heather Piela

    Heather Piela16 days ago

    I mean Ronin

  24. Heather Piela

    Heather Piela16 days ago

    I wanna the and you can join me on roblox My name is Ronan bagels

  25. Troop #7368

    Troop #736817 days ago

    I got 100% on level two. Here’s what I did I got as close as I could to the cloud and did a triple bounce and then went to the right it worked for me

  26. Nikole Pfeiffer

    Nikole Pfeiffer17 days ago

    how about you try playing some fnaf

  27. tk12khan

    tk12khan17 days ago

    Can u pls play wild tamer?

  28. Thatboy Zoe

    Thatboy Zoe17 days ago

    I Did

  29. Thatboy Zoe

    Thatboy Zoe17 days ago

    I fif

  30. Kathe Fortier

    Kathe Fortier18 days ago

    Hey you are saying you can get the merch but a year ago you said there not available

  31. pui yiu tang

    pui yiu tang18 days ago

    哈呀哈我好鍾意USlikes Channel成日煮耶穌乳豬Channel USlikes Channel好鍾意

  32. pui yiu tang

    pui yiu tang18 days ago

    又嘩嘩嘩嘩爸爸醫治Channel USlikes Channel我好鍾意呀我依家超級鍾意呢對咪我

  33. Æfreddygoldenbrag 83

    Æfreddygoldenbrag 8318 days ago


  34. 王学一lucas

    王学一lucas18 days ago

    what this game called?

  35. Lamery

    Lamery18 days ago

    "Red Ball 4 Two: The Truth behind Everything"

  36. Layla and Laveah Street's

    Layla and Laveah Street's18 days ago


  37. Doemithedog

    Doemithedog18 days ago

    I just noticed the boss music is fracktail's music from super paper mario for the wii

  38. Lamery

    Lamery18 days ago

    Yep! I also used King Croacus's theme before that boss fight, and I used the "World of Nothing" song before the true final boss.

  39. Minha família na Inglaterra

    Minha família na Inglaterra18 days ago

    Can you play terraria on your channel?

  40. Hao Le

    Hao Le18 days ago

    I like charlie plushy

  41. kyle wissler

    kyle wissler18 days ago

    mr ice craem is good

  42. rubel ahmed

    rubel ahmed19 days ago

    how do you install cuphead

  43. iidragonxx

    iidragonxx19 days ago

    who wishes that the old intro could come back?

  44. JD Pabillano1

    JD Pabillano119 days ago


  45. JD Pabillano1

    JD Pabillano119 days ago


  46. JD Pabillano1

    JD Pabillano119 days ago


  47. Vauhn Vi

    Vauhn Vi19 days ago

    Only camping fans in roblox know what the music is in level 1

  48. Vauhn Vi

    Vauhn Vi18 days ago

    @Lamery true

  49. Lamery

    Lamery18 days ago

    And Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story fans. ;p

  50. rubel ahmed

    rubel ahmed19 days ago

    Keyin i played it and the last boss is barbie

  51. Kathe Fortier

    Kathe Fortier20 days ago

    Isn’t it redSQUARE?

  52. Gabriel Endrina

    Gabriel Endrina20 days ago

    No perchasing robox in roblox in the halls detention for you

  53. JD Pabillano1

    JD Pabillano120 days ago


  54. Nitro X

    Nitro X20 days ago

    One time I went to bed with Charlie and then when I woke up I thought a huge spider was on my bed🤣

  55. Nitro X

    Nitro X15 days ago

    @Shauna Hood lol🤣

  56. Shauna Hood

    Shauna Hood15 days ago


  57. Aliyaan Talpur

    Aliyaan Talpur20 days ago

    You should make a video where you get some of the achievements in Red Ball and try to get all of them

  58. Ian G

    Ian G20 days ago

    NeVeR fAiLeD NeVeR FaIlEdddddddddd

  59. Cactus games

    Cactus games20 days ago

    Hmmmmmm you sus

  60. Cooky Synclaire

    Cooky Synclaire20 days ago


  61. Skylar Brown

    Skylar Brown20 days ago


  62. Hannah Deyton

    Hannah Deyton20 days ago

    In roblox

  63. Hannah Deyton

    Hannah Deyton20 days ago

    Play in roblox it's Brookhaven plz play it in the Roblox plz!

  64. catxyplays roblox

    catxyplays roblox21 day ago

    Yay more roblox!

  65. Yousseff Ayad

    Yousseff Ayad21 day ago


  66. Yousseff Ayad

    Yousseff Ayad21 day ago


  67. Jacobplaysstuff

    Jacobplaysstuff21 day ago

    My days going bad

  68. Addy

    Addy21 day ago

    7:46 Should have pressed C

  69. B squad Syed

    B squad Syed21 day ago

    And the Charley plushy

  70. B squad Syed

    B squad Syed21 day ago

    Omg I am where in it Yay

  71. Bluishflower_art Art

    Bluishflower_art Art21 day ago

    What is it called

  72. Lamery

    Lamery20 days ago

    "Red Ball 4 Two: The Truth behind Everything"

  73. jocelyn green

    jocelyn green21 day ago

    My birthday was a few days ago so asked my dad if he good give me ur Murch bc i really have been wanting it for since I’ve been watching ur channle oh also I just turned 9!😁❤️ And ty for uploading u made my day!😊🤗

  74. alice baby

    alice baby21 day ago

    kindly keyin pls play roblox Brookhaven

  75. BRIGHT

    BRIGHT21 day ago


  76. T-Rev1170

    T-Rev117021 day ago

    bruh why all your merch is limeted time only

  77. 29 Noor Mohammad

    29 Noor Mohammad21 day ago

    Do racoon simulator part 2!!!!!! Please it will be a good video

  78. Epic and awesome shorts

    Epic and awesome shorts21 day ago


  79. Derik Tzompantzi

    Derik Tzompantzi21 day ago

    The full around the clock at bikini bottom is out can you play it

  80. shadow bon animations

    shadow bon animations21 day ago

    Red ball orange ball yellow ball green ball blue balls purple ball

  81. Joseph Thomas

    Joseph Thomas21 day ago

    Why no More Charlie 😕😢😔😪😞💔noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  82. Diana Cordero

    Diana Cordero21 day ago

    Play Friday night funckin

  83. I'm insane and broken

    I'm insane and broken22 days ago

    All the medals = good ending

  84. Octane On to much stim

    Octane On to much stim22 days ago

    Dark riddle got a huge good update you should play it

  85. winnie thomas

    winnie thomas22 days ago

    When is piggy chapter 5

  86. Chinedum Nosike

    Chinedum Nosike22 days ago

    hi Kindly keyin I am your biggest fan

  87. Seevam Kasana appadu

    Seevam Kasana appadu22 days ago

    Play dark riddle

  88. Jamie Butterfield

    Jamie Butterfield22 days ago

    The frustrated gamer know ware your srekrir bas

  89. Megan St. George

    Megan St. George22 days ago

    Hi love your vids your the best

  90. ZMDE fan

    ZMDE fan22 days ago

    Hey can you play akinator if you don't know what akinator is akinator is a mind reader game with yes or no questions and he will guess witch character you are finding please play it I love you so much

  91. Bilal Biju 5 E

    Bilal Biju 5 E22 days ago

    Play paper . io

  92. Tahi Schule

    Tahi Schule22 days ago

    Hi kindy keyin can you play acrylic nails for me im your subscriber from 2016

  93. Josip Brmbota

    Josip Brmbota22 days ago

    More please!!!!😀

  94. tahmid hasan

    tahmid hasan22 days ago

    The part you said I did that for nothing but..... you should go there and press c boi

  95. Jade Cervantes Velez

    Jade Cervantes Velez22 days ago


  96. Bianca & Carris Carey

    Bianca & Carris Carey22 days ago

    Kindly Keyin if you DONT see this comment sorry but piggy chapter 5 and 6 book 2 has come out you should play it it’s really cool!

  97. Colin O'Brien

    Colin O'Brien22 days ago

    Get the medals

  98. Hamid Chowdhury

    Hamid Chowdhury22 days ago

    Please play fall guys with dakblake

  99. Helen J

    Helen J22 days ago

    i watch every vid of ur 👌

  100. An Phat Green

    An Phat Green22 days ago


  101. itz_ TRY

    itz_ TRY22 days ago

    kindly keyin can you play roblox flee the facility?

  102. Meenu Upadhyay

    Meenu Upadhyay22 days ago

    Sorry but I like you but you are. Not better then unspeakable

  103. Tung Ta

    Tung Ta22 days ago

    Redball + Roblox blox ball

  104. Mohammed Fouad Sh

    Mohammed Fouad Sh22 days ago


  105. The Hammer

    The Hammer22 days ago

    Pleeeessseee do piggy chapter 5 and 6

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    pagey22 days ago


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    Darell Wilson22 days ago

    The same intro I love

  108. Mohamed Rashad

    Mohamed Rashad22 days ago

    More like ROBALL!

  109. Paks The Paks

    Paks The Paks22 days ago

    I like your logo! Keep on going to make new videos!

  110. BushPeople United

    BushPeople United22 days ago

    Mine and keyin’s pictures have the same background colour

  111. chante eden we87fg g y the

    chante eden we87fg g y the22 days ago

    😭 no I please 100

  112. brehanna gamin

    brehanna gamin22 days ago

    Hamal fighting X from

  113. Cheska Masteov. Boss

    Cheska Masteov. Boss22 days ago

    play roblox piggy book 2 ch 56 plz