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  1. Mallory Corrigan

    Mallory Corrigan6 days ago

    Haha I was just watching the video and I got an ad about fat pusher

  2. John Yang

    John Yang7 days ago


  3. TheAddyNDjossySHOW

    TheAddyNDjossySHOW7 days ago

    Drive-through thing doesn’t take your money I’ve been watching😬

  4. TheAddyNDjossySHOW

    TheAddyNDjossySHOW7 days ago

    I’m your friend❤️

  5. Thi Kim Tinh Nguyen

    Thi Kim Tinh Nguyen8 days ago

    you nead 1 mor hat den you hav all of the hats

  6. chzai guiuan

    chzai guiuan10 days ago

    0mg am at my sisters laptop and i love your vids UWU

  7. Narithier Gocheco 吴贻仁

    Narithier Gocheco 吴贻仁10 days ago

    keyin tap ABOVE the tap to continue the resone why you didnt get the gift because you press the letters and the letter counts

  8. Erica Sanchez

    Erica Sanchez11 days ago

    There burger buns in the ocean just like Keyin said

  9. Dark light 21

    Dark light 216 days ago

    I played it before you

  10. Jesus Valencia

    Jesus Valencia13 days ago


  11. Lisa Ream

    Lisa Ream13 days ago

    I just watched an add for fat pusher

  12. Dustin Hoke Jennifer Wilson

    Dustin Hoke Jennifer Wilson15 days ago

    They keep gifting bc you kindly and they prop watch you!

  13. Charles Jones

    Charles Jones15 days ago

    Try to make it into the chest at the end of the level

  14. Emily's Playhouse

    Emily's Playhouse15 days ago


  15. Drift

    Drift16 days ago

    Mr frog

  16. Super sonic kj Gaming5

    Super sonic kj Gaming517 days ago

    There are burgers in the water

  17. Jeny Koshy

    Jeny Koshy17 days ago

    😃🇦🇺👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩🙆‍♂️ Jen

  18. Amy Griffith

    Amy Griffith17 days ago

    John doe is a hacker

  19. Ozzatron Rex

    Ozzatron Rex17 days ago

    Mobile Monday is the best

  20. cloudy view

    cloudy view18 days ago

    Keyin:this game is dumb Me:Ok.

  21. Nikki Cottrell

    Nikki Cottrell18 days ago

    John to Kevin. Money money money money money. I have no idea who this person is but I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Nikki Cottrell

    Nikki Cottrell18 days ago

    My dad on a diet yeah I'm skinny shoot I'm fat now after eating a cake. This game A cookie I'm huge

  23. chante eden we87fg g y the

    chante eden we87fg g y the18 days ago


  24. Mohamed Aljuraid

    Mohamed Aljuraid18 days ago

    I feel like he just ran out of ideas

  25. alan laudan

    alan laudan18 days ago

    I copy and paste

  26. alan laudan

    alan laudan18 days ago

    Can you rate my rabbit doing the loaf pose on a plastic white bench with a short pillow comment one to ten please??

  27. Nima and his chicks

    Nima and his chicks19 days ago


  28. Sheily Ramirez

    Sheily Ramirez19 days ago

    Omg you hit 100% at 3:47-3:48 keyin

  29. Yasseen Mohamed Galal Abdelkhalik EL FAYOUMI

    Yasseen Mohamed Galal Abdelkhalik EL FAYOUMI19 days ago

    one of my favorite youtubers

  30. Hassan Elhadidy

    Hassan Elhadidy19 days ago

    can you play om nom

  31. Tanya Monahan

    Tanya Monahan19 days ago

    John doe from roblox

  32. Zainy Ahmed

    Zainy Ahmed19 days ago

    It's gonna take me 5 years to be on level 20 I liked that part witches the colour random was orange and red that can get the fat guy lower

  33. Zainy Ahmed

    Zainy Ahmed19 days ago

    Bro the fat pusher from level 5 that was actually the spinning body and the fat pusher numbers were less and I started on level 5 I don't know why tho

  34. Zainy Ahmed

    Zainy Ahmed19 days ago

    Keyin I've got a surprise for for you and that is.... I subed and gaved a like to your vids and I turn on post notifications ON

  35. Zanestar1120

    Zanestar112020 days ago

    those are real people keyin

  36. Terri viohl

    Terri viohl20 days ago

    It’s your fans😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😅

  37. Iman Shaarawy

    Iman Shaarawy20 days ago

    do not worry i am your frend

  38. Najeeb Pulluparambil

    Najeeb Pulluparambil20 days ago


  39. Mad_ _Phoenix

    Mad_ _Phoenix20 days ago

    You get tricked at 31:06

  40. Jay 3

    Jay 320 days ago

    They are real people

  41. john kenner

    john kenner20 days ago

    play scar keyin

  42. Meerab Biswas the smartest kid

    Meerab Biswas the smartest kid20 days ago

    Kindly keyin there is a new game called suspects

  43. Beant Bajwa

    Beant Bajwa20 days ago


  44. Emma Hodges

    Emma Hodges20 days ago

    U had to land on green to get multiplier

  45. Emma Hodges

    Emma Hodges20 days ago

    I Yes

  46. frogg frog  x

    frogg frog x20 days ago

    Minecraft chisel models

  47. Zack Meyer

    Zack Meyer20 days ago

    I am your friend KK

  48. Tucker Charles

    Tucker Charles20 days ago

    Love this game

  49. Svetlana Shtykova

    Svetlana Shtykova21 day ago

    It’s true

  50. Svetlana Shtykova

    Svetlana Shtykova21 day ago

    I subscribed🤩

  51. Ninja Paxton

    Ninja Paxton21 day ago

    Y u quit roblox 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  52. Ninja Paxton

    Ninja Paxton21 day ago

    Roblox plz

  53. Tropical Emperor

    Tropical Emperor21 day ago

    The series is back

  54. Rasol Og

    Rasol Og21 day ago

    Uh so you can do it again that's ausome you guys might not know what I'm talking about

  55. Rasol Og

    Rasol Og21 day ago

    So kindly keyin with another one

  56. Among Bud

    Among Bud21 day ago

    Keyin if you want max power stop aiming for 100 it’s not gonna help just aim like before 100 so like almost when 100 is there

  57. Adam Hussain

    Adam Hussain21 day ago

    Not be the boys are numbered misted to produce a more Beale like you I seen

  58. Adam Hussain

    Adam Hussain21 day ago

    Goodbye 👋

  59. HÃ¥gen 613

    HÃ¥gen 61321 day ago

    yes! I LOVE FAT… Uhhhhhhhh Idk? DO I LOOK LIKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST TO YOU! I dident Discover atoms you know! Im not some kinda Einstein!!! Who do you think i am. Im just an 11 year old watching Keyin KK!

  60. punya racharla

    punya racharla21 day ago

    Make your own reacting channel and react to among. Us alien boss part 1 and 2

  61. Eileen Estacio

    Eileen Estacio21 day ago

    If you go to the comments if you press the 💗 there gonna like it so try it

  62. Cool Boldo

    Cool Boldo21 day ago

    Want to play Minecraft with me user name GeorgiiSA

  63. Tahsin Soumi

    Tahsin Soumi21 day ago

    use star code keyin!

  64. CoolDude10ongames

    CoolDude10ongames21 day ago

    The people who gift u are fans

  65. Joel Emil

    Joel Emil21 day ago


  66. Zacharias David

    Zacharias David21 day ago

    Is john doe a hacker i see it in the internet ?

  67. Toula Bretzer

    Toula Bretzer21 day ago

    Me sub

  68. Liam Playz

    Liam Playz21 day ago

    Part 2 baby

  69. Lindy Morel

    Lindy Morel21 day ago


  70. Ender P

    Ender P21 day ago

    You hit it

  71. Heather Evans

    Heather Evans21 day ago

    Red 0

  72. BRIGHT

    BRIGHT21 day ago

    Fat pushers

  73. Yosef Qassar

    Yosef Qassar21 day ago

    I supported your channel

  74. One Giant Weeb

    One Giant Weeb21 day ago

    6:13 no it’s because you’re a USlikesr

  75. Harpreet singh

    Harpreet singh21 day ago

    I like your KINDLY KEYIN

  76. Yosef Qassar

    Yosef Qassar21 day ago

    kindly keyin plz friend meeee

  77. Kyle Zaki Marco

    Kyle Zaki Marco21 day ago

    Return to scary robbers 3d

  78. Paolo Gabriel Arevalo

    Paolo Gabriel Arevalo21 day ago

    im your fan

  79. Xavier G

    Xavier G21 day ago

    Isn't this a scam

  80. 29 Noor Mohammad

    29 Noor Mohammad21 day ago

    Do racoon simulator part 2

  81. naira arimunding

    naira arimunding21 day ago

    Guys I just lost my bff in roblox😭😭😭😭😭

  82. My Life

    My Life21 day ago


  83. ꧁ᴀɴɴᴀʟɪᴢᴀ ʟᴏǫᴜɪᴀs꧂

    ꧁ᴀɴɴᴀʟɪᴢᴀ ʟᴏǫᴜɪᴀs꧂21 day ago

    I don't know this game

  84. Katy Bell

    Katy Bell21 day ago

    I You are the best

  85. Liam Walsh

    Liam Walsh21 day ago


  86. Bharti Parihar

    Bharti Parihar21 day ago

    stop playing these stupid games and please play computer games it is not even mobile monday

  87. henry stickmin

    henry stickmin21 day ago


  88. Pingu and Pinga

    Pingu and Pinga21 day ago

    React to Pingu,s Dream ( letting you know it is really scary )

  89. Dilan perera

    Dilan perera17 days ago

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    AHMED LASAN SAEEDH21 day ago

    Can you play tank stars next monday?

  91. xans xans

    xans xans21 day ago

    Please react to everyday crewmate life animation orange

  92. Eleonorene Kharshiing

    Eleonorene Kharshiing21 day ago

    Keyin the pushing power makes you push faster

  93. Chikoo

    Chikoo21 day ago

    The multiplier didn’t work before because the button to continue was in front of the multiplier button so you kept tapping the continue button not the multiplier one

  94. RishabhGamez

    RishabhGamez21 day ago

    Are We Gonna Ignore The Fact That Keyin Ate A Giant Man??😂 9:43

  95. wanda davis

    wanda davis15 days ago

    No he didn’t I checked

  96. Christy Ricafort

    Christy Ricafort21 day ago


  97. Christy Ricafort

    Christy Ricafort21 day ago


  98. Ducks

    Ducks21 day ago

    All of those people are real I have seen them in real life lol

  99. Surekha N

    Surekha N21 day ago

    Kindly ki and what you play roblox I can't see your account

  100. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson21 day ago

    Oh my goodness I remember being 10 watching your videos so excited when you made a new one😭😭 where did the time go aah

  101. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson14 days ago

    @AARON GAMING 2 i know i was reminiscing after re-discovering him


    AARON GAMING 214 days ago

    @Thomas Jefferson but he still uploads every day like in the morning

  103. Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson14 days ago

    @AARON GAMING 2 i am no longer 10 (duh) and he has a new upload schedule


    AARON GAMING 218 days ago

    @tanveer don speak English please

  105. tanveer don

    tanveer don18 days ago

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  106. chuzyrf8

    chuzyrf821 day ago

    Play jelly dad hero by same guy that made snail bob play it can you play ittttt

  107. Joe Groves

    Joe Groves21 day ago

    This game is highly addictive, specially watching your reaction to it, but I kind of want to play this now lol

  108. Ian G

    Ian G21 day ago

    :\ theres so many coments AND ITS ONLY BEEN A HOUR!!!