I Used Weird Ideas To Create The Most Powerful Creature!

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Wave your noodle arms around to assert dominance!
Experience hype-filled dueling! Shoot, block, and jump your way to victory with your shotgun-rocket-launcher-that-shoots-heat-seeking-bouncy-missiles or one of the other over 11.2 million different powerup combinations.
65+ Unique powerups
70+ Maps
AAA Face Customizer
Online Multiplayer
Local Multiplayer
Twitch based matchmaking
100% organic Noodle Arms

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  1. Braedon Ashba

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  2. Zombie H

    Zombie H5 days ago

    I just realized that

  3. Zombie H

    Zombie H5 days ago

    If anyone think same like

  4. Zombie H

    Zombie H5 days ago

    Tip whoever loses gets to pick a power

  5. Zombie H

    Zombie H5 days ago

    Pls send link =(

  6. Zombie H

    Zombie H5 days ago

    No link =(

  7. Topher Clark

    Topher Clark6 days ago

    What's this game called? I wanna play!

  8. Deadpool le bg

    Deadpool le bg3 days ago

    It’s just Rounds

  9. BikSpace

    BikSpace3 days ago

    He said it in the intro

  10. Av Gaming

    Av Gaming6 days ago

    Dak your not that good you killed can because of your big bullet

  11. Ivyxiv

    Ivyxiv7 days ago

    the reason Keyin lost a lot was because he didn't use his power half the time the white orb should be your power up the other ones are just added you don't need to press a button the activate it

  12. pwoness

    pwoness8 days ago

    Kindly Keyin can you go in the commentsAnd tell me if you’re the blue with the monster guy or are you the orange with all monster guy

  13. Novisor

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    NOLAN THORSTAD8 days ago

    You should play fly or die

  15. DASH

    DASH10 days ago

    Whats daname of dagame

  16. Isaac purnhu

    Isaac purnhu11 days ago


  17. Darll & Dyller LH

    Darll & Dyller LH11 days ago

    wat name

  18. g pachecks

    g pachecks11 days ago

    Keyin what happened to Charlie he Spider?🤔🥺


    SHREYANSH | ISWK12 days ago


  20. Dustin :D

    Dustin :D12 days ago

    No mouth. sus

  21. My Life

    My Life13 days ago

    Sorry I'm late to the vid, my internet's been down the entire week!

  22. Gamz Noodlz

    Gamz Noodlz13 days ago

    Nice ..game I liked this video...

  23. Penguchick

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  24. Zombie H

    Zombie H13 days ago

    Can you send the game in the description?

  25. Lightning Limitless

    Lightning Limitless13 days ago

    9:45 omg headshot lol cause they are only heads 🤣🤣

  26. Javier Gonzalez (Student)

    Javier Gonzalez (Student)13 days ago


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  28. Jennifer Barrington

    Jennifer Barrington14 days ago

    Do more rounds pls djejxmjesjkcs

  29. Rachna Osman

    Rachna Osman14 days ago

    More pls

  30. jose is out

    jose is out14 days ago

    5:42 snipe

  31. Cool Fire

    Cool Fire14 days ago

    Play more

  32. Kurtplayze & amiliaplayze

    Kurtplayze & amiliaplayze14 days ago

    Play adopt me again their is the new ocean egg

  33. Meve Cool

    Meve Cool14 days ago

    We gotta make keyin to 4 million subs

  34. Shanice Cordova

    Shanice Cordova14 days ago

    Where did you met??

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    Shobana Khatri14 days ago

    Snoop 😄

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  38. Sukanta Sinha

    Sukanta Sinha14 days ago

    Playyyyyyy Solar smash

  39. X don't watch yet

    X don't watch yet14 days ago

    My this is gonna be great

  40. Mahmud Associates

    Mahmud Associates14 days ago

    Hey keyin go look at your base in the frustied smp

  41. Wesley Scheller

    Wesley Scheller14 days ago

    Need to play more of this

  42. Manjurul Hoque

    Manjurul Hoque14 days ago

    Spycakes and I filled your House with Lava play minecraft and see your house floor with lava KindlyKeyin973

  43. Ibtesam Bin Tarik

    Ibtesam Bin Tarik14 days ago

    Hi hello

  44. FandomsAreMyHappyPlace

    FandomsAreMyHappyPlace14 days ago

    What is that game ? I want it . It looks solo fun.And I love it.😊😊😊😄😄😄

  45. FandomsAreMyHappyPlace

    FandomsAreMyHappyPlace14 days ago

    Kindly key in please reply.

  46. FandomsAreMyHappyPlace

    FandomsAreMyHappyPlace14 days ago

    Kindly key in please reply I beg you.🙏🙏🙏

  47. Frederick Lo

    Frederick Lo14 days ago

    Keyin there is a new update Major Update In hello neibour

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    Smit Chandane14 days ago

    Love your videos veryyyy much ;)

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    LAI CHUNG YIN 2020-5A14 days ago

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  51. Vihaan Rohewal

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    JOHN PLAYS14 days ago

    is it only for me or is the hole vid is bleer?

  53. abdia ibrahim

    abdia ibrahim14 days ago

    Hello keyin l found a new game which is so cool it is called food gang

  54. Yuvraj Rathore

    Yuvraj Rathore14 days ago

    you should send the links to this game pls read this

  55. JustJess

    JustJess14 days ago


  56. Kid Genius

    Kid Genius14 days ago

    6:15 orange dude: YOU HAVE BEEN DESTROYED

  57. Jessica Pithoud

    Jessica Pithoud14 days ago

    Do you still have Lucy

  58. Joanne Robinson

    Joanne Robinson14 days ago

    And I not la....I’m late. ):

  59. Joanne Robinson

    Joanne Robinson14 days ago

    It’s mortal combat but bad

  60. Parental Control

    Parental Control14 days ago

    More of this plz and

  61. Parental Control

    Parental Control13 days ago

    Do more powerful powers plz more of this for sure

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  64. Jose Perez

    Jose Perez14 days ago

    Keyin can you play the racoon game pls?

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  66. Sumiyati sumiyati

    Sumiyati sumiyati14 days ago

    Bad you're bad

  67. Nattie Gaming

    Nattie Gaming14 days ago

    i dont see dakblake's perspective.

  68. Jessica Boardman

    Jessica Boardman14 days ago

    Is this just me or does this remind anyone of stick fight the game?

  69. Crazy kittle

    Crazy kittle14 days ago

    yeah I remember know

  70. Max Munro

    Max Munro14 days ago

    covid=bad but wen you watch kindlykeyin yal think oh covid is still going?

  71. Max Munro

    Max Munro14 days ago

    the parkour skills is me in real life

  72. Karding MOTO vlog

    Karding MOTO vlog8 days ago

    well can you back flip

  73. shabir memon

    shabir memon14 days ago

    Yeah 'cause you can't parkour you probably don't even know how to do a vault

  74. Alexx Wilson

    Alexx Wilson14 days ago

    thats imposible

  75. Bennett Pacacha

    Bennett Pacacha14 days ago

    I can do some parkour

  76. Minerva Perez

    Minerva Perez14 days ago

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    Hayden GK14 days ago

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    Colton Winslow14 days ago

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    Dark Rose14 days ago

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  80. Dark Rose

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    Chris Law14 days ago

    this is good!!

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    nitty brown14 days ago

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    Karina Tellez14 days ago

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  94. Ed Ngoune

    Ed Ngoune14 days ago

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    daggermaster thebasiccaster14 days ago

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  103. Helena Games

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    Im. Surprised that your watch ing this if youj dont like it not saying you dont like it but if you do dont like is then im surpriseed your watching this

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    The Naykita14 days ago

    Who remembers when he just made this new intro.

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    Rehena Begum14 days ago

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  107. EliAnimates

    EliAnimates14 days ago

    I'm still waiting for more 60 Secs.

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    Quentin Mullinix14 days ago

    I am rooting for Dakblake

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