I'm A Racoon...

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Wanted Raccoon is a story about a raccoon that lived a peaceful life in the forest until one day people invaded it. They cut down the trees and built their own houses instead. Animals` families were taken away from them and all those who couldn`t hide were placed in animal shelters. Our Raccoon met the same fate. Help the raccoon get free, find his family, and find a new home. It`s time to fight people back!
Raccoon`s enemies - hunters, cops, and other residents of Raccoon City also have their own story and behavior.
The game is full of various locations: forest, construction site, animal shelter, different houses, car dump, car repair shop, church, stores, etc. Each of them contains multiple tasks and many interactions with the outside world.
Completing tasks will allow you to increase the level of the raccoon, master skills, improve your base, get various items necessary for crafting and buying devices, develop a shelter for other animals, as well as to find new friends.
You can easily overcome long distances of Raccoon City on a skateboard! Explore the game world and run from the cops and other enemies.

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  1. chris afton

    chris afton6 days ago

    How keyin plays racoon simulator keyin:what the heck is this game let me try it later keyin:what i cant move in this game how!?!?!?!? racoon:your not really pressing the buttons

  2. Raptor Rahul YouTube

    Raptor Rahul YouTube6 days ago

    I have always wanted a raccoon simulator!

  3. Babar Gill

    Babar Gill7 days ago

    play more

  4. Brandon D

    Brandon D10 days ago

    My older sister has a pet baby raccoon

  5. Hunter Snhnarr

    Hunter Snhnarr14 days ago

    Wanted Racoon part 2 release date is going to be tommrorow or this sunday

  6. Ántonio Flores

    Ántonio Flores15 days ago

    Keyin: thats right today i'm a raccoon. me: aka trash panda XD

  7. Scott Kramer

    Scott Kramer17 days ago

    Im jack

  8. Słonik Playz

    Słonik Playz17 days ago

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    Kingofcool Liam18 days ago

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    Wyatt Lee18 days ago

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  14. Tropical Emperor

    Tropical Emperor20 days ago

    I want this to be a series

  15. phil laberinto

    phil laberinto21 day ago

    I'm an raccoon

  16. tvournazos

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  17. Vision Leeds

    Vision Leeds22 days ago

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  18. Vision Leeds

    Vision Leeds22 days ago

    i love your videos

  19. Carlos Salinas Belmontes

    Carlos Salinas Belmontes22 days ago

    You make my day keyin you really do!

  20. cjadam valdivia

    cjadam valdivia22 days ago

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    Ashley Perez22 days ago

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    Crazyplayz Gaming23 days ago

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    Misis14 Austin23 days ago

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  26. jocelyn green

    jocelyn green24 days ago

    6:31 (happy music while keyin is murdering people)

  27. Hristian Genov

    Hristian Genov24 days ago

    Wait how does keyin ralk when he is a racoon???

  28. Manal Atia Saleh

    Manal Atia Saleh24 days ago

    You make me happy I also loved the henry stickman videos it's really nice also this video the raccoon be thicc tho🧘🏻‍♀️

  29. Shelly Moto

    Shelly Moto24 days ago

    I wish I can put my head on a racoon

  30. Sean

    Sean24 days ago

    Play T-Rex simulator

  31. Sean

    Sean23 days ago

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  32. Charie Cinco

    Charie Cinco24 days ago

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  37. Miracle Monkey

    Miracle Monkey24 days ago

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  38. Stephen Fortunak III

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  39. Phu Vuong

    Phu Vuong24 days ago

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  40. Brenna&Gracie Equine

    Brenna&Gracie Equine24 days ago

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  51. Chloe Tanner

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    lol that is some nerd racoon XD

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    Superstar25 days ago

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    Jessica Whitcomb25 days ago

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